Dozens of homeowners say the Mesa pool company took a lot of money and abandoned their projects.

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – His name is Jack Vinson Smith III, and as you can see, he’s not popular with some.
“You make people tough,” a viewer next to you can be heard shouting to Jack Smith outside his house. So why are consumers tracking Jack Smith to his home in Mesa and trying to confront him? Well, here is the answer. Phoenix Shirk, the homeowner, hired Jack Smith in April to build the pool. Smith owns Outdoor Luxury Living Incorporated, also known as OLLI. “They looked capable. We liked what they gave us,” Shirk said.
The total value of the pool was $45,530 and Shirk said he made multiple cash payments totaling $30,000. Suddenly, just as quickly as construction began, it stopped three months ago, and that’s when he said that Outdoor Luxury Living and Smith abandoned the project. “It hurts your family,” Shirk said. “We’re just a middle-class working family, and that’s a lot of money for us.”
Another viewer from your side sent us a photo saying she had the same problem as Smith. Angela Hampton uses her phone to show us her unfinished projects. Angela said that it was a pool and not only was it poorly made, but that Smith installed the wrong equipment and abandoned his project. She said it all happened after she handed over about $54,000. When the OYS team asked Hampton Smith if he was doing anything right in the pool, she replied: “He didn’t do it. The only thing he did well was show up and collect money.”
Jack Smith has a growing number of dissatisfied customers. The Arizona Contractor Registry told On Your Side that Outdoor Luxury Living received 36 complaints totaling more than $1.9 million. Complaints seem to focus on the poor quality of work and the rejection of them. Online, consumers left comments such as “don’t give Jack money.” He is a liar. “Stay away,” wrote another. ”
After Smith did not respond to an email from OYS, the team traveled to his home in Mesa. When Gary Harper tried to speak to him through the doorbell cam, Smith never answered. Harper said he left his business card on a sign taped to his house, telling frustrated pool goers, “Leave the hall immediately and don’t come back.”
Frustrated clients like Shirk and his wife say they are now financially devastated. “There will be some concessions,” Shake said. “We probably won’t be on vacation for the next few years to pay for this.” Smith reportedly told a number of homeowners that he plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for his business.
If yes, then it won’t be the first time. The On Your Side team confirmed that Smith filed for bankruptcy in Nevada in 2016. Due to the number of homeowners and the amount of money, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors informed the team that they were investigating Smith. In addition, you will provide a follow-up report when there is an update.

Post time: Nov-17-2022