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Update October 6, 2022: This article has been updated to reflect current pricing, including sales, and specific details for each hot tub. We also replaced models that were out of stock.
A great addition to your space – you can use it all year round – you can’t go wrong with a hot tub. Of course, this is a significant investment, not unlike an above-ground pool, and you should expect to spend a similar amount in change – often over $2,000.
While a less expensive inflatable hot tub (or inflatable pool, for comparison) is always an option, saving money on a standard semi-permanent hot tub is worth considering. First, they take soaking to the next level. Plus, they can add value to your home.
Whether you’re looking for a hot tub for two or want to splurge on a luxury model for a party of six or more, here’s our top pick of the best hot tubs you can buy right now, along with a list of essentials. consider before I recommend you shop.
The first decision to make is whether you want plug and play or a standard hot tub. The former are generally easier to install and less expensive, are made from high impact polyethylene and are more widely available online. Standard hot tubs are more expensive, made from acrylic (and often have UV-resistant side panels), and are more difficult to install, requiring advance planning. You may also need to switch to 220 volts to run one of the baths, which must be done by a licensed electrician. Depending on your setup, a plug and play hot tub may be your only option.
Next up: consider how many people will regularly use the hot tub, and whether it will be adults-only or family-friendly. If you have space, consider resizing. Hot tubs for six and four people are popular sizes. If children are going to use the hot tub, check out these child safety tips. Consider the depth of the seat and the overall configuration of regular seats, lounge seats, or both.
The number of nozzles can be deceiving, and more is not automatically better. Remember the number of nozzles, but you also need to look at the size and location of the nozzles. A water filtration and ozone purification system (sometimes called an ozone generator) is a must. Most of them come with an ASTM certified insulating locking cap.
Often hot tub steps are sold separately, but sometimes a hot tub lid is included. Other than that, it’s all about prioritizing special features and extras within your budget, such as multicolor LED lighting, waterfalls, padded headrests, and built-in Bluetooth speakers.
Our rigorous research and selection process includes consulting with expert resources such as Wirecutter to inform our choices, as well as reviewing customer reviews for rave reviews and common complaints. All of the hot tubs we review have an average user rating of four stars or higher, and since maximum capacity is one of the most important considerations when buying a hot tub, we offer options in a variety of sizes, from two to eight people. people. Hot tubs come with a long list of must-haves and nice features, and we’ve taken them into account, weighed in on price, and highlighted the most noteworthy features of each hot tub we’ve written about.
For some must-have accessories for your hot tub, check out our selection of the best hot tub covers and hot tub steps.
We chose this plug-and-play hot tub as our top pick because it offers a wide range of features at an affordable price. Made from durable, 100% recycled polyethylene, the six-person hot tub features a large volume of water, 45 stainless steel spa jets and a two-speed pump, as well as water filtration and ozone purification systems.
There’s two-way air control, five open seats and a lounge seat, and special features include external LED lighting and a multi-color LED waterfall with nine lighting settings. It comes with an ASTM-certified heat shield and is available in a choice of beige interior with onyx cladding or a choice of espresso.
Another customer favorite, this four-person plug-and-play hot tub has an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 600 reviewers. In addition to 20 multi-stage stainless steel whirlpool jets, 190 gallon capacity, water filtration and ozone purification system, it features a deep seat with lumbar support and dual air controls, and an LED waterfall with a choice of nine color options .
The hot tub is made of durable polyethylene with a bright diamond finish and features an ASTM certified insulating locking lid. It is also available in light gray and brown.
This six-person luxury hot tub is well worth the money, it features 50 adjustable stainless steel jets, 100 total water flows, 400 gallon capacity, two energy efficient pumps, padded seat and headrest.
The seat also has a variety of nozzle configurations designed for different areas of hydromassage. Other features include an ozone and water filtration system, an illuminated programmable digital control panel on top, color changing underwater LED lights and a waterfall. The acrylic hot tub features an attractive, UV-resistant faux wood exterior and an insulated, lockable lid.
This round, plug-and-play hot tub is a great deal, with a 220-gallon capacity – more than most four-person models – multi-color LED lighting and an insulated, lockable lid.
Constructed from durable polyethylene, it features two bucket seats on one side and a two-person bench on the other, 13 hydromassage jets, and is available in the charcoal and sand colors shown here.
There is no waterfall or ozone purification system, but there are filters and energy efficient pumps.
Six adults can relax in the living room in this standard hot tub with 54 adjustable jets, neon LED water lights and a waterfall.
Key features include three pumps – more than any other hot tub in our review – and a blower. Customers say the planes are “powerful, more customizable” and “bigger and better” than they expected.
The hot tub has a 272 gallon capacity and has an insulated color water filter and water filter, but no ozone generator, which is a downside at this price point.
If you’re looking for a comfortable hot tub for two with a seating area for two, this AquaRest is the one for you. It is equipped with 20 multi-stage stainless steel jets with two-way air control, a seat with lumbar support, and a water filtration and ozone purification system. Enjoy the illuminated multicolored waterfall that lights up the evening while you sip wine or champagne.
Whirlpool bathtubs are easy to maintain due to their size, brightly shaped and equipped with closable lids. In addition to the dark brown shown, it is also available in light brown or gray. This tiny hot tub doesn’t have a waterfall, although that’s probably not a big deal for most people.
This seven-person hot tub offers plenty of space for bathing, as well as a variety of music and light shows. It has built-in bluetooth speakers and neon water LED lights as well as waterfalls.
This model has a water capacity of 425 gallons and has 56 nozzles. The giant jet sits well on the backs of this model’s deep bucket seats, some of which have padded headrests, but there are no sun loungers.
The acrylic hot tub features UV-resistant faux wood cladding in espresso shades. Other features include an insulated lockable lid, water filter and ozone generator. “The nozzles, light [and] sound are great,” says one enthusiastic customer.
With a 240-gallon capacity, 29 jets, and extra fun features, this 6-person hot tub costs just over $3,000 at the time of writing.
Constructed from impact-resistant polyethylene, the hot tub also features a water filtration and ozone purification system, as well as a multi-color LED waterfall with nine lighting options.
There is also an ASTM certified insulating cover available in grey, dark brown and light brown with stylish geometric details on the outside.
If you’re thinking about buying a four-person hot tub but want more elbow room, the five-person model is the way to go, and it’s a particularly good price for its size. This 215 gallon hot tub includes a high strength polyethylene lounge seat and is available in brown and dark gray in addition to the light gray shown here.
The bath is equipped with 29 stainless steel multi-stage jets that operate continuously or automatically shut off after 15 minutes, a lumbar seat with arch support and a multi-color illuminated LED waterfall. It also boasts two-way air management, ozone and water filtration systems, and an ASTM-certified insulating sealing cap.
If you’re not quite ready to buy (or invest in) a large stainless steel hot tub, consider an inflatable tub. This design features a woodgrain exterior and a fiber interior for added durability. It is equipped with a wireless touch panel, so you can control the entire installation of up to 170 nozzles. It also comes with a built-in hard water purifier so the water is gentler on your swimsuit and skin.
It deflates easily for storage or transport and is a handy option if you don’t want to take up much space on your patio.

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