How to turn your bathroom into a luxury spa

Everyone deserves a spa day. Regular trips to your preferred local spa offer countless benefits for those willing to invest. As Pure Aesthetics Gainesville points out, a spa day can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and encourage your body to naturally release serotonin and dopamine. Facial spa treatments can even lead to glowing skin, anti-aging success, and greater self-confidence. Spa massages often relieve headaches by improving blood flow and circulation. In addition, Mountain Side Spa says that the days you spend at the spa are critical to your physical and mental well-being. They compared days at the spa to workouts at the gym, as both activities produced similar results: increased well-being and personal satisfaction.
So what does this mean for those of us who don’t want to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on spa treatments? The good news is that there are ways to make yourself feel pampered and special in your home bathroom. The company estimates that the average cost of an inexpensive spa treatment is between $150 and $450. It can actually be much higher if you want to schedule multiple services. These are the items you must have in your bathroom to recreate the same magical feeling you get when spending a day at the spa.
Who doesn’t want to have the smoothest skin? When you apply the wax, your hair will be uprooted. Your hair follicles are being emptied, which means that you won’t notice hair regrowth for a while. Some of the most popular areas that people choose to wax their bodies are the legs, underarms, and intimate areas. The truth is that spa waxing services can be expensive and invasive. When you remove all the hair in the pelvic area, it is called a Brazilian wax. This common practice requires great confidence in the work of a beautician. You should be happy with what they see. What if you could just wax yourself at home?
If you want to create a spa atmosphere, a reusable wax ball stove is perfect for your bathroom. Ulta sells one for $12 and doesn’t hesitate to describe their ease of use. When you wax your skin, you remove the top layer of dead skin and all unwanted hair. Removing excess hair with wax is better for the skin than shaving. Shaving is known to cause irritation and darkening of the skin. Healthline says that if you follow all the necessary precautions while waxing at home, you will be fine and get great results.
For those who want to feel like a tough guy, having a new set of eye-catching nails is essential. Gel nail polish has become one of the most popular types of nail care in professional salons because gel polish dries almost instantly and stays on for a long time without chipping. Regular nail polish can never be! Gel polishes are thick, bright, durable and available in a variety of colors. If you are using gel nail polish, you only need a UV or LED nail dryer.
Milady Pro says that both UV and LED nail dryers can do the job of drying gel polish, but they are still slightly different. The main difference is that the LED lamp will dry the gel polish faster. However, professional salons use both options, and so can you. The New York Times recommends using nail clippers, nail files, nail polish remover, and nail buffer when installing a nail cabinet in a bathroom. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a salon manicure because you can easily achieve great results at home.
Massage is another very popular treatment that is given in spas because it makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed. If you have tension or stiffness in your shoulders, back or neck, a professional massage can instantly relax you. If your legs or arms are stiff, massage may also help. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are several types of massage to choose from. Swedish massage is a gentle massage that involves kneading, long strokes and deep circular movements. Unfortunately, when this service is provided by a professional massage therapist, it can cost a fortune.
When you’re turning your bathroom into a luxury spa, you might want to consider getting a waterproof massage gun. Well Bots says the waterproof massage gun can take the pain out of you wherever you go. Since they are portable, they are designed to save time. Because the massage guns are waterproof (depending on which one you buy), you can use them in the bath while taking a bubble bath.
Let’s face it, there’s nothing fresh or clean in toilet paper. In fact, toilet paper is known to be a breeding ground for bacteria in public restrooms. Rinse-off wipes are a step in the right direction, but they’re definitely not as good as bidet heads. After a severe toilet paper shortage in 2020, more and more Americans are beginning to see the benefits of a bidet, according to CNN. Toilet paper has become a hot commodity during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Switching to a bidet has improved the hygiene and well-being of those who like to feel fresh after a visit to the bathroom. Another plus is that you don’t have to constantly spend money on toilet paper or washable wipes. After all, bidet heads are a one-time purchase. WebMD even points out that 77% of people in Japan already use a bidet. A bidet is also standard in most European countries. Compared to the US, these locations are clearly years ahead of the game. Anyone who wants to make sure that the bathroom in their home is like a luxury spa also wants to buy a bidet. The good news is that you don’t even have to pay for every bidet in your bathroom. Simple bidet heads are very affordable.
Did you use your last spa or salon visit to hear celebrity gossip? Where you get luxury treatments, you will usually find a table or shelf full of magazines and books. Even if you are not interested in the current world of pop culture, there are sure to be plenty of books that will pique your interest. For these reasons, it makes sense to install shelves for books and magazines in the bathroom.
According to Penguin Random House, reading in the bathroom is the pinnacle of literary relaxation and relaxation. Book Riot claims that the first rule of any enjoyable reading is to immerse yourself in a state of complete relaxation. A bath can be just as relaxing as a comfortable chair with a blanket, if not more. The only thing you need to worry about is keeping your book or magazine away from splashes to avoid getting the pages wet. Installing book and magazine racks in your bathroom creates a sense of luxury while giving you the freedom to fill the shelf space with literary content that really grabs your attention. Magazines about the Kardashian family or self-help books about the Law of Attraction are just fun ideas.
Having a heated towel rail in your bathroom is not a luxury and should be considered out of reach by anyone. Add items to your bathroom to create a relaxing and inviting environment where you can never “do too much”. If almost every five-star hotel has a heated towel rail, why don’t you install one too? Actually you don’t need to install it. You can purchase a portable towel warmer to keep your towels fresh and warm every time you shower.
Towel warmers are more useful than you think, says Ocean Homes. They help kill bacteria, reduce laundry volume and provide an aesthetic storage solution. Real Home Advice claims that a heated towel rail will fill your bathroom with warmth and comfort. They protect against mold and are very energy efficient. The best thing about towel warmers is that they don’t have to be designed to heat up your towels. You can also keep your slippers or bathrobes warm on cold days. In fact, you can warm up any clothes you plan to wear. Towel warmers are easy to use. All you have to do is plug them into the wall and add room temperature water, which will eventually be heated by an internal radiator.
The benefits of regular facials are impressive. According to Begin With Skin Med Spa, facials help renew skin cells by circulating blood under the skin’s surface layer. Good circulation means your skin is flushing out toxins, getting rid of puffiness, and being nourished with healthy protein and nutrients. Facials, like other spa services, are not always the cheapest. For this reason, enjoying the mask at home is normal.
According to The Healthy, you can indulge in homemade face mask recipes that will take you far. They recommend using a face mask made with mashed banana, vinegar, milk, oatmeal, mayonnaise, yogurt, lemon, or egg yolks. You may also be interested in DIY face masks made from honey, yeast or mustard. The ingredients you choose for your mask depend on what you are trying to achieve. Some masks are designed for simple moisturizing, others are anti-aging. There are several face mask recipes you can follow to fight acne, while others can lighten any dark spots you may have. You can also store prepackaged masks in the bathroom if you don’t want to follow certain recipes when making them.
When you add an essential oil diffuser to your bathroom, you automatically enhance the space and make you feel more gorgeous and luxurious. What are essential oils? According to Healthline, they are highly concentrated natural extracts from the stems, flowers, and leaves of plants. If you want to benefit from essential oils, the most common way is to inhale them.
Because they smell amazing and have healing properties, you really can’t go wrong with an essential oil diffuser for your bathroom. Medical news today says that the art of aromatherapy has been around for nearly 6,000 years. Its purpose is to improve a person’s mood or well-being. If you don’t want to put a whole essential oil diffuser in the bathroom, you can also experience the joy of essential oils through the droplets of water in the bath or from a spray bottle that you spray into the air.
If you’ve ever had a hard time relaxing in a bubble bath but still have a few tasks to do, we know you can add an amazing item to your bathroom. Bamboo bath trays are perfect for creating a wonderful atmosphere in the bathroom. According to House Beautiful, traditional bamboo trays are perfect for books, mobile phones, candles or wine glasses. Maybe even all of the above!
Adding a bath tray while bathing is an incredible way to take care of yourself. Bath trays are usually adjustable, with several compartments that can be used. They are usually affordable, stylish, and small enough to be easily stored after a shower. Some bath trays hook onto one side of the tub while others attach to the top two edges. Can you imagine feeling a little hungry while showering? Bamboo bath trays can be used as mini board tables for deli or fruit parfaits. Bamboo is a material that works well with water, but you can also use wire, stainless steel, plastic, or wood trays.
Professional makeup in the salon is always a great experience. Makeup artists know exactly what they’re doing with foundation, mascara, lipstick, etc. People often spend money on professional makeup for big events like weddings or graduations. But what about those days in between when there’s nothing to celebrate?
It’s important to have easy access to all your makeup, like the talented makeup artists at their salons do, but trying to figure out where you want to store all of your makeup can be a little tricky. According to NBC News, some of the best makeup storage containers you can buy are made from clear acrylic. The reason clear acrylic cosmetic containers are more popular is because you can automatically see everything you have without having to rummage through them. Soft cosmetic bags are probably the most common item people use to store their makeup, but they’re also far from what you’ll find in a luxury spa or salon. If you love fashion and elegance, clear acrylic boxes are more suitable for you.
Having a professional haircut at an upscale salon or spa feels really luxurious. To replicate the feeling of a real luxury spa in your own bathroom, you can buy a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer before your next shampoo. This impressive hair dryer dries hair quickly without the use of high heat, according to Ulta. It is designed to work well with different hair types as it comes with five separate styling attachments. Even people with curly hair are lucky.
Good Housekeeping says that while the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is more expensive, it’s definitely worth the price. When you get your hair done professionally, you walk out of the salon feeling like a million bucks. With the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, your hair will be less frizzy than ever before. This means it will feel like a real deal. This hair dryer adds shine and smoothness to hair while protecting it from damage.
Hydration is key if you want to live a happy and healthy life. In fact, some people believe that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day, while others believe that you should drink half your weight (measured in ounces) to take better care of yourself. No matter how much water you think you need to drink, it’s important to always have access to clean, drinkable water when you’re thirsty. Have you ever noticed that when you visit luxury salons and spas, it seems like you always have access to ice-cold fresh water? Having a kettle in the bathroom is one of the easiest ways to update a space and give it a more sophisticated feel.
What’s more, glass jugs give a sophisticated, modern look that can add sophistication to any room. There are a number of health benefits to drinking from glass containers, Aquasana says, including glass bottles’ success in keeping filtered water clean without the risk of any nausea-inducing chemicals contaminating what you drink. It is healthier to drink fresh water in a glass bottle rather than a plastic one – it looks more elegant.
It no longer screams luxury when the bathroom counter is littered with plastic bottles of soap and lotion. These plastic bottles with sticky stickers and labels end up in the trash. Use the reusable marble bathroom essentials dispenser bottle for even more luxury. Marble is a patterned material that instantly looks chic and elegant. Pottery Barn even calls its marble toothbrush holders, napkin cases, trays, jars and trash cans must-have items designed specifically to look stylish.
Better Living Products USA adds that investing in refillable dispensers and bottles can make you a greener person. Buying disposable bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and anything else you might need results in a lot of plastic waste. Refillable bottles are eco-friendly and look much better in your bathroom. When the heads are made of marble or other precious materials, you will quickly feel like you are in a luxurious spa or beauty salon.
It’s never too late to upgrade your robe, especially if you’ve been wearing the same robe for years. Purchasing a luxurious silk or satin bathrobe is a surefire way to increase your relaxation levels at home. When it comes to daily personal care, it’s time to think about silk clothes, says Parade. They are light and do not overheat you if you have some chores around the house. If you want to feel completely comfortable and cool, a microfiber or cotton bathrobe will not help you.
Not Just Pajama adds that silk robes are perfect for everyday wear because they are super smooth to the touch. While you might just want to wear a silk robe with some underwear during your romantic getaway, you shouldn’t put yourself in that kind of box. Silk and satin robes can be worn any day and any time. If you want to instantly feel like you’re in a luxurious spa or beauty salon, next time you’ll have the opportunity to wear a silk bathrobe.
Has the bath become the new best place to sleep? If you have a soft enough bath pillow, bubble sleep can become a reality for you. Bath pillows support the neck, head, shoulders, legs and other parts of the body. When you use a bath pillow, it will make you more comfortable physically, let you relax in the bath, and get rid of your anxiety.
Nobody wants to deal with a tense neck or a tense back. Since a bath pillow can solve these problems, why not add it to your own bathroom? According to Regal Bazaar, bath pillows can add luxury to your bathroom while matching your overall style. If your bathroom color scheme is white and gray, then you know that a bath pillow in the same color is perfect. If you want to transform your bathroom into a real bathroom, it’s important to find something that makes you physically and visually comfortable. Spa experience.
When is the best time to light a candle or burn incense? If you want to create a spa experience in your own bathroom, the correct answer is ALWAYS! The Chill Times reports that candles are very beneficial because they increase focus, help recall positive memories, improve mood, and reduce stress. Candles also always come in handy if you are interested in creating an amazing morning or evening ritual.
Burning incense is no less magical. Sea Witch Botanicals explained that frankincense has historically been burned for its aromatic and spiritual properties. Whether the incense you burn is made from cones, rods, coils, spirals, loose powder, or herbal ingredients, incense always produces the same positive energy. Many salons and spas rely on candles and incense to create a luxurious atmosphere. If you are burning these things in your own bathroom, know that you are on the right track. Don’t forget to put out the flames when you’re done.
Heated rugs make bathrooms luxurious because they are very high quality and comfortable. Walking on a cold bathroom floor is no fun for anyone. Cold floors can make you uncomfortable tiptoeing or running around the house. Heat Breeze says we’re lucky to have heated mats to keep our toes and feet comfortable and hot. Because they also radiate heat into the air, they basically serve as unexpected space heaters.
Cozy Winters says heated rugs are great for kitchens, playrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, family rooms and more. If you want your bathroom to feel like a luxury spa, it’s best to put in a heated rug. The best heated mats do not require any tools or electricians and do not carry the risk of possible burns. Since most heated mats are waterproof, you can step on them right from a hot shower or bubble bath.
Placing flowers and plants in your bathroom will instantly create a feeling of luxury, accompanied by positive vibes. Flowers and plants create an inherent creativity, innovation and productivity. If you’re a writer with a writing disorder, take a dip in a bubble bath surrounded by orchids and lilies. You will soon have an idea.
According to Petal Republic, not having fresh plants and flowers in the bathroom is a mistake. The mental, physical and emotional benefits are undeniable. According to The Art of Celebrating, flowers instantly add color to any space, act as a stress reliever, and add a lovely scent. There’s a reason why you might notice flowers in the luxury spas you’ve visited in the past. Lush greens without bright colors are also uplifting. Reproducing the essence of a luxury spa in your own bathroom definitely starts with placing flowers and plants everywhere. You can add a vase of roses to the countertop or an inverted eucalyptus tree to the shower head.
Whether your job is hard or not, a foot massage can be enjoyable. You may have an office job or work from home that doesn’t require you to spend as much time on your feet. This doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t get a foot massage from time to time. Foot massage can stimulate muscles, relieve pain, relieve tension, and improve circulation, according to Harvard Health Publishing.
Foot massages are a common request people make at spas. However, it is not always necessary to seek the services of a professional. There are many ways to recreate the feeling of being at home in your own bathroom. Soaking and massaging the feet in the foot bath is just as wonderful. WebMD says that when you add Epsom salts and vinegar to your foot bath, you turn it into a better experience with numerous health benefits. Using Epsom salt will soften your skin and prevent any bacterial growth. Using vinegar also fights bacteria and eliminates any possible foot odor. If your footbath vibrates or bubbling in the water for you, that’s an added bonus.
Sugar scrubs make the skin incredibly soft. For the most part, sugar scrubs also give your skin a sweet and delicious scent. According to Healthline, sugar scrubs are a must-have in your shower or bath. Sugar scrubs allow the skin to better absorb lotions and moisturizers, unclog pores, and prevent ingrown hairs. It makes your skin smoother than before. If you’ve just waxed your body, a light application of a sugar scrub on the newly waxed area will do the magic. According to Nourished Life, hormonal and dietary influences can change the condition of our skin.
These changing effects can lead to flaking, dryness, roughness, or worse. For these reasons, sugar scrubs are very beneficial. When you spend a day at the spa, you may feel softer and cleaner than when you arrived. If this statement is true, a sugar scrub in the bathroom at home should be at the top of your list.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to relax to the music while taking a bubble bath. Adding waterproof headphones or speakers to your bathroom creates a spa experience you won’t want to leave. Most spas and salons play soothing background music to help clients relax. Whether you want to enjoy similar soft-melody tunes or something more immersive, waterproof headphones and speakers make it all possible.
Under Water Audio claims that the waterproof earbuds provide excellent sound quality, among other benefits. Of course, you can use them in the bath or shower, but you can also use them in the pool, sauna or while walking in the rain. Taking a quiet shower can be boring and exhausting, Tech Radar explains, but we all know that. Instead, you can play your favorite music in the background to make your bathroom more luxurious and enjoyable.

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