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The rooftop pool and spa is a frequently requested amenity for discerning business clients. Design, manufacture and installation are notoriously complex; The demand for water features for roofs has only increased in the past few decades. As a result, few firms have taken on projects of the magnitude and complexity of Diamond Spas.
Owners Stephanie & Tom Bennett started the company back in 1996 with an initial focus on custom baths. Owners Stephanie & Tom Bennett started the company back in 1996 with an initial focus on custom baths. Owners Stephanie and Tom Bennett founded the company back in 1996, initially focusing on custom made bathtubs. Owners Stephanie and Tom Bennett started the business in 1996, initially focusing on custom made bathtubs. Soon their product line began to attract attention. By 1999, they were producing pools, spas, and custom water features. Fast forward to today and Diamond Spas is one of the elite manufacturers in the industry.
Known for their stunning rooftop pools, their products can be found in the most opulent hotels, commercial buildings, luxury residences and, yes, even mega yachts. To better understand why Diamond Spas have become the top choice for rooftop pools, we sat down with Design Manager Mitch Martinek.
Many times Martinek has been a key person in projects working with clients as well as builders, architects and engineers. Thus, throughout his career, he has been personally involved in the design and implementation of many rooftop pool and spa projects.
“Some notable rooftop pools we have partnered with include Yellow Stone Club in Big Sky, Montana, Post Brothers Atlantic Residence, and Woodward Lofts in St. Louis, just to name a few,” Martinek says.
During our discussion, Martinek told us why consumers might choose stainless steel vessels when planning a rooftop pool project.
“When you’re dealing with a rooftop installation, weight is definitely a factor,” says Martinek, “and you get more water surface area with a lightweight body like a stainless steel container versus a heavier concrete shotcrete container.” .
Weight and stress factors are key concerns for rooftop swimming pools. Pouring water on top of any structure is risky. The frame must support the weight of the water as well as the pool itself. Martinek, let us know that this is one of the main reasons why many consumers choose stainless steel containers when building a rooftop pool.
“Stainless steel vessels can hold larger volumes of water, have more features and more capacity than typical concrete rooftop pool installations,” Martinek says.
Ground movement and wear of building structures are the most common causes of movement of buildings and substructures. Concrete pools are brittle due to their stiffness and tendency to crack. Compared to concrete, stainless steel has greater durability and can be made with waterproof welds.
Martinek explained that rooftop pools can be difficult to install due to access issues. Time is obviously an issue when planning a pool installation project. Many consumers choose prefabricated pools that can be installed as a single piece, reducing the time and money spent on site during construction.
“One of the advantages of our process is that we build everything here. We can build on site in parallel, avoiding delays in the production of the pool at our factory,” Martinek says.
A key reason why commercial users may choose offsite pool manufacturing processes is ease of integration and reduced installation time. “We lifted it to the correct position on the roof,” Martinek said.
Considering the higher complexity posed by the roof, it can be concluded that while the process is easier in terms of time and installation, simply placing the product on the roof will do 90% of the job. The logistics of getting the ship into place is something Martinek is very familiar with. Especially for projects with individual and unique requirements.
“I’m currently working on my current project in Sandpoint, Idaho. It’s a new high-end condominium building. One of the problems is that the pool has been forgotten. It’s a combination pool and rooftop spa.” set design parameters for a base plate that will continue to work, but they wanted to expand that. We had to find a new way to make our frame fit their current roof conditions on site. complexity in terms of spot loading the top of their existing design and getting the desired vessel size.”
Despite the difficulties, the apartment project should be completed this summer, and by next year it will have tenants. While Diamond Spas is primarily known for its stainless steel vessels, it has also quickly gained a reputation for its acrylic vessels.
“Acrylic is becoming the new fad,” says Martinek, “it’s a new way to display boats in homes, whether it’s a high-rise building with bottom acrylic viewing windows or side viewing windows. We can even make acrylic resin with endless sides, there’s really no limit.”
“We have developed our own patented method of mechanically attaching these acrylic windows so we can install them on site in our factory so there is no additional installation required once the container is installed. It leaks and that’s really good,” Martinek said. .
“One of the big acrylic projects we worked on was a guest house at the Dream Hotel in New York,” says Martinek. finishing A spiral staircase topped with an acrylic window surrounded by wood. It was definitely a unique project.”
“Each project has its own unique challenges and a unique perspective,” says Martinek. “Acrylic is a new way to enjoy spas, pools and water features. It gives you a glimpse of the water, and then at night, becomes another great feature: the lighting inside and the outside of your pool really shines through the acrylic and highlights the stainless steel or copper finish.”
Many of the rooftop pools we see now are part of an overall design plan that includes a pool as well as other outdoor living amenities such as saunas and spas. Martinek acknowledges that many clients are following this trend. “Many high-end buildings have saunas, hydrotherapy and cold baths in the gyms or main bathrooms.”
Another popular trend that Diamond Spas has included in many of its new projects is bringing the outside world in. As a result, there has also been a move to include elements of hot and cold therapy. “We are seeing a lot of cold water pools for indoor spas, commercial and residential applications,” Martinek said.
With so many material options now available, the look and stylistic aesthetic of a rooftop pool can be as unique as the design itself. The fact that Diamond Spas offers all of these options, plus the experience and support to ensure a flawless installation, clearly shows why they are consistently recognized as the leading manufacturer of rooftop pools and spas.
Featured Photo Credit: Diamond Spas – Post Brothers / The Atlantic Building, Philadelphia, PA. Photographer – Basel City Hall
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This month we have witnessed a storm of high-profile acquisitions. Recently, PoolCorp agreed to buy Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc. Recently, PoolCorp agreed to buy Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc. and its primary operating companies, Pinch A Penny Inc. and Sun Wholesale Supply Inc. Недавно PoolCorp согласилась купить Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc. PoolCorp recently agreed to buy Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc. and its main operating companies, Pinch A Penny Inc. and Sun Wholesale Supply Inc.最近,PoolCorp 同意收购Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc.最近,PoolCorp 同意收购Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc. Pinch A Penny Inc. Sun Wholesale Supply Inc.。 Совсем недавно PoolCorp согласилась приобрести Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc. Most recently, PoolCorp agreed to acquire Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc. and its main operating companies, Pinch A Penny Inc. and Sun Wholesale Supply Inc.
With approximately 260 independent franchised stores in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia, Pinch A Penny Inc. is the largest specialist pool and outdoor retailer in the United States. Sun Wholesale Supply Inc. sells primarily to Pinch A Penny franchisees, is a wholesale distributor of swimming pool and outdoor products, and a specialty chemicals packer.
“I understand it will take some time for things to set in.I’m still processing it myself,” John Thomas, president and CEO of Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc., told associates in a memo. “I understand it will take some time for things to set in.I’m still processing it myself,” John Thomas, president and CEO of Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc., told associates in a memo. “I understand that it will take some time to sort things out. Я все еще обрабатываю это сам», — сообщил коллегам в меморандуме Джон Томас, президент и главный исполнительный директор Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc. I still process it myself,” John Thomas, President and CEO of Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc., told colleagues in a memo. Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc. Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc.总裁 兼 首席 执行官 约翰 · 托马斯 (John Thomas) 在 一 份 备忘录 告诉 员工 : 我 我 事情 需要 一些 才 能 开始。 我 仍 自己 处理 它。。。。。 “ Джон Томас, президент и главный исполнительный директор Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc., сказал сотрудникам в служебной записке: «Я знаю, что на то, чтобы начать работу, потребуется некоторое время. John Thomas, President and CEO of Porpoise Pool & Patio Inc., told employees in a memo, “I know it will take some time to get started. I’m still processing it myself.” “Pinch A Penny has been an integral part of my life for 47 years. I’ve run our company for the last 30+ years of my adult life, so I knew it would take some time to process this information,” he said.
Fred Thomas was a traveling salesman who started Pinch A Penny in 1974 when his son John was eight years old. By 1995, John Thomas was named president of Pinch A Penny and led the expansion of the company.
“This acquisition provides a better future for our company. What’s more, it connects our business with an important strategic partner in our industry that can deliver greater success for everyone,” Thomas said in a memo. “In short, now is the perfect time for Pinch A Penny to start a new chapter and my family should step aside to make Pinch A Penny even bigger.”
Porpoise Pool & Patio’s well-established client base, distribution capabilities, chemical packaging operation, operational success, and the “growth-oriented Pinch A Penny brand” were all highlighted by PoolCorp. Porpoise Pool & Patio’s well-established client base, distribution capabilities, chemical packaging operation, operational success, and the “growth-oriented Pinch A Penny brand” were all highlighted by PoolCorp. PoolCorp подчеркнула хорошо зарекомендовавшую себя клиентскую базу Porpoise Pool & Patio, возможности дистрибуции, операции по упаковке химикатов, операционный успех и «ориентированный на рост бренд Pinch A Penny». PoolCorp highlighted Porpoise Pool & Patio’s well-established customer base, distribution capabilities, chemical packaging operations, operational success, and the “growth-driven Pinch A Penny brand”. PoolCorp 强调了Porpoise Pool & Patio 稳固的客户群、分销能力、化学品包装业务、运营成功以及“以增长为导向的Pinch A Penny 品牌”。 Pinch A Pinch A Pinch A Pinch A PoolCorp подчеркнула сильную клиентскую базу Porpoise Pool & Patio, возможности дистрибуции, бизнес по производству химической упаковки, операционный успех и «ориентированный на рост бренд Pinch A Penny». PoolCorp highlighted Porpoise Pool & Patio’s strong customer base, distribution capabilities, chemical packaging business, operational success and the “growth driven Pinch A Penny brand”. (NASDAQ/GSM: POOL) took part in the deal.
In a statement to PoolCorp. “Adding the Pinch A Penny franchise network to the distribution business of PoolCorp. in North America delivers significant growth and operational synergies.”
Pinch A Penny had $387.3 million in revenue in 2020 and has 2,775 employees, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal. PoolCorp. headquartered in Covington is the world’s largest wholesale distributor of pool and garden products. The company sells approximately 200,000 products to approximately 120,000 wholesale customers through 410 shopping centers in North America, Europe and Australia.
Pool Corp has been focused on revenue growth. It is expanding into new geographies, expanding into existing markets, and launching new product categories that are expected to increase its market share. To achieve this goal, the company tried to expand through various acquisitions. In February, September and December 2020, the company completed three acquisitions: Master Tile Network, Northeastern Pool Distributors, TWC Distributors. Jet Line Products, Inc. was acquired in October 2020, giving the company three locations in New Jersey, three in New York, two in Texas and one in Florida. Pool Corp also took over TWC’s distributors, bringing the total number of Florida offices to nine.
So far this year, the company has opened ten new outlets. In the third quarter of 2021, Pool Corp also made two strategic acquisitions. In June and April 2021, Vak Pak Builders Supply, Inc and Pool Source, LLC were acquired respectively. The acquisitions contributed 5% to quarterly third-quarter sales growth and 7% to annual revenue.
The global covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the swimming pool industry. At present, many basic parts and consumables for swimming pools are in short supply. More and more novice pool owners are getting frustrated. Manufacturers have a large portfolio of unfinished orders. But why did the pace of construction of underground pools slow down sharply and dramatically during the high season? One of the main reasons for fiberglass manufacturers this season has been the slow supply of housing, which is directly related to the ongoing shortage of resin.
As mentioned earlier, there were delays in the construction of the pool due to a shortage of fiberglass material. As a result, prices for liquid vinyl ester resins and fiberglass have skyrocketed. Subsequently, due to the high demand for fiberglass pools across the country and the lack of raw materials to facilitate orders, many fiberglass manufacturers reject orders for fencing.
Pool Magazine learned from a number of builders that Latham informed them that hull deliveries would be delayed by up to eight weeks due to ongoing shortages. We reached out to the largest fiberglass underground pool manufacturer in the US to find out how they are coping with the ongoing resin shortage.
“The Latham manufacturing facility remains open and continues to operate,” said Latham spokesman Krist Lee Wunsch. “Homeowner interest in our products is higher than ever, and our teams are working hard to meet the growing demand. a shortage of raw materials, which led to the temporary inefficiency of our factories.”
“We are addressing this by leveraging our strong relationships with our suppliers,” Wunsch continued. “We have looked to alternative sources of resin to continue to diversify our supply chain. Despite this, Latham continues to show strong growth. We long-term trends in the industry remain unchanged, and we feel well positioned to continue to meet growing consumer demand for swimming pools.”
Kent Wooldridge, president of the American Marine Manufacturers Association, said: “There is no doubt that it is extremely painful to refuse orders from regular customers. It is very painful to tell mining pool owners that they should stop their business just because you cannot provide their necessary raw materials. Difficult. Worse still, you cannot refer them to other people who can supply them with suitable raw materials. Besides, those who have them sell them at crazy prices.”
“Most suppliers are overwhelmed by fiberglass shortages. So a winter storm that damaged a resin chemical plant is a disaster.”
Typically, the US accounts for only a small portion of fiberglass production. The country is mainly dependent on the supply of cheap fiberglass from China. However, since Trump took office, there have been obstacles to the smooth import process. In particular, since 2018, import duties of 25% on fiberglass and resins have been introduced. This prevents most manufacturers from importing fiberglass. On the other hand, Chinese manufacturers have raised export prices.
In 2020, supply chains have deteriorated due to the coronavirus outbreak due to travel restrictions. The blockade also forced the closure of Chinese chemical plants. At the same time, the demand for pool building services is on the rise as most homeowners look for ways to update their yards.
This year, a winter storm in Texas has disrupted a wide range of activities in the pool industry. Cold weather forced chemical plants in Houston to close. In addition, the hurricane forced Hexion and Olin, the largest epoxy resin manufacturers, to cease operations.
Manufacturers report that once they finally get a truckload of resin, it doesn’t stay there for long. It is for pending orders. In fact, in most cases all incoming resins are already pre-sold. This has been the case over the past few months.
Florida pool builder Kirk Sullivan had to return 250 orders due to a shortage of fiberglass resin. Sullivan said he received very few supplies that summer. As a result, his company was unable to continue accepting orders for the new pool. Luckily, his entire team is still working and hopefully things will get better.
“It used to take about six weeks to get international advice from Surf Hardware. Now it takes six months,” said regional manager Todd Prestaj.
Several fiberglass manufacturers have tried to solve this problem by importing most of their raw materials from Asian countries that do not charge high import duties. But they still raise prices due to labor and shipping costs. On the other hand, consumers have no other choice but to pay more.
In addition to taking longer to reach consumers, resin prices are skyrocketing. As a result, few employees adapt easily. A major Latham dealer we spoke to said, “The lack of resin makes it difficult for a small company like us to get shells, and obviously it costs us all of our sales. The big guys are lucky because they are guaranteed a flood of orders. delivered”

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