Why can bathing, floating and other treatments help you feel refreshed

Everyone has a different way to relieve fatigue, many people will choose to take a hot bath or take a hot bath, fatigue can be alleviated quickly, and then it seems that you can start a new day.

So a lot of things that burn incense are selling, but it's not just the smell that really relives the fatigue, it's the bubble of the bath. Because medicine has a way to get rid of fatigue, called "floating therapy", is a kind of "bubble" that does not sink to the bottom.

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"Why is it relaxing to float?"

The unsinkable "bubble" is essentially a bathtub-like floatator filled with a saturated salt solution that is heavier than a human body, similar to the Dead Sea, in which a person floats while lying down. At the same time, the lights are turned off, and the floating person can plug his or her ears and hear only the therapist's instructions, or certain music or images.

Does floating like this really relieve fatigue? The answer is yes.

Studies have found that when you float, your brain releases endorphins. Endorphins, better known as the "feel-good hormone" or the "youth hormone," are anti-fatigue hormones that produce morphine-like feelings of comfort and euphoria. In fact, when we're in pain, when we're stimulated, our bodies release endorphins, which are meant to mask pain with pleasure. (Jacuzzi)

Why can bathing, floating and other treatments help you feel refreshed

"These two 'stimuli' are addictive and unstressful."

There are two common stimulants in our lives that can be addictive.

One is to eat pepper, a lot of people eat pepper more eat more addiction, why addiction? Endorphins are also at work: the hot taste stimulates nerve endings in the tongue and mouth, triggering an immediate "alert" from the brain. This causes the heart to race, saliva or sweat to increase, and the stomach to double in activity, triggering the release of endorphins. If you take another bite, your brain will feel the pain and release more endorphins, which can lead to a craving for spiciness.

Exercise, too, can be "addictive". A person who runs 3,000 meters a day, if you suddenly stop him from exercising, he will feel uncomfortable, as if he has no energy to give off. The "endorphins" of the human body will also be released in large quantities during exercise. Although I am sweating profusely and my back is sore and my legs hurt, I will feel particularly comfortable after taking a bath. That is the effect of "endorphins". (Jacuzzi).

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However, not all movement can produce the effect, must enough exercise intensity, time and ability to make "endorphin secretion, like said earlier run 3000 meters every day, at least on the average intensity of sports, such as aerobics, running, climbing, badminton, etc., and more than 30 minutes, to stimulating the secretion of endorphins" addicted to, also can really taste the pleasure of movement, the next sleep will sleep soundly.

Compared with the effort required to move, floating is a comfortable, effortless way to get your body to release "pleasure hormones." As long as it floats, people's consciousness will produce a temporary "nothingness" or "emptiness", the body can be fully relaxed, tension, anxiety, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms, will be immediately expelled

Post time: Jan-11-2021